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Not everyone has the room – or the desire - to build a permanent RC car track.  With LandWave Products’ ramps and decks, you can create your own bash course wherever you want, rearrange it time after time, then quickly disassemble it when you’re done.

LandWave Products, Inc., was born in 2003, and still offers the strongest plastic ramp system on the market.  Yet it is lightweight and easy to use.  Just two shapes – the ramp and the deck – interconnect so you can build your ramp longer, wider and higher.  They rearrange easily, so you can dream up your own configurations.  The textured surface provides just enough traction to keep your car from slipping.  Rated to withstand more than 300 pounds, the ramps and decks are strong enough to take whatever you dish out with stunts and tricks.

LandWave ramps are great, whether you’re building a personal RC car course or need a “pop-up” course for a special event. 

All LandWave Products ramps, decks and hardware are manufactured right here in the United States. LandWave Products is a subsidiary of Universal Industrial Products, a diversified manufacturing company that’s been in business since 1943.

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