The LandWave System - Deck

Meet the unsung hero of the LandWave ramp system, the LandWave deck.¬† It’s what allows you to build your ramps as high as you dream. ¬†Combine it with LandWave ramps (available separately or in combination packs), and you will have the newest, hottest plastic ramp system ever introduced.

Together, LandWave ramps and decks allow you to create a ramp system as high or wide as you want (example pictured). You can assemble and reassemble it in thousands of different ways.

LandWave is designed to withstand 300 lbs., and has a rough surface to give you great traction with skateboards, skates, scooters or bikes. The deck comes with connectors to allow you to stack other ramps or decks on top.¬† Dimensions are 28 in. wide by 38.5 in. long by 12 in. high. Unboxed weight is 16 lbs.


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