Customer Comments

  • Thanks! The product is awesome.  Kids love it for skateboards and bikes. – Greg in Wilmington, NC

  • We have recently purchased a LandWave system from Amazon, and my kids love it…I’m thinking about getting one more ramp as well. – Deanna in Neptune Beach, FL

  • We gave our sons the starter ramps for Christmas - a huge hit! – Melissa in Natick, MA

  • Bought your ramps and love them. – Curt in Washington

  • Hi, my son is in love with your product.  – Heidi in Victoria, Australia

  • My Landwave ramps were my favorite Christmas present ! I even used them in the school talent show last year!  - Dante in California

  • Thoroughly enjoying your product (we had 7 kids on it last night).  –Ted
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